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January 16th 2020

Happy Birthday Linda Isaacs Live Partner & Manager of Gregory Isaacs

Founder and Director of Gregory Isaacs Foundation Ltd. UK/EU

First Photo Shoot for Gregory Isaacs Vintage Collection by Gabicci took place in Germany, Essen, Cultural Hertage 2010 with Kizomba Teacher Anya'n Phil. Photographer  UK JT Mataz. Read the full Article in the german Newspaper

The Gregory Isaacs Foundation is performing a Branch in Africa KENYA. Head of Directors is Kevin Waire, aka "WYRE". 

Press release London, 05 August 2019

Gregory Isaacs Foundation UK / EU Ltd. Director Linda Diane Isaacs



Gregory Isaacs Foundation UK / EU Ltd. was founded in 2016. Our Foundation should not be confused with the Gregory Isaacs Foundation Jamaica, which is a registered Charity that promotes social projects through its activities and is funded by donations. The Foundation was started and founded in Jamaica by Mrs. Myrtal Shepherd who is the Aunt of Gregory Isaacs, and Mrs June Isaacs and Mr. Collin Oliver Lesley wo was made the Chairman of the Gregory Isaacs Foundation. June Isaacs runs the activities with her Team in Jamaica.

The goals of Gregory Isaacs Foundation UK/EU Ltd.:
Pursue the last will of Gregory Isaacs: Remember me for my Music!

Nobody told us it was going to be easy, but we, as a team, always believed in our common goal. In the past I had to face personal and also our team low blows, yet we did not give up.

In December 2018 I was introduced by Robert Owens (Mr. T) and Alfred Norman Reid (Dewey), both are very close friends Of Gregory, to Kirsten Uhl, who has been friends with both for years and realized joint projects, also in Africa. (Africa Rise Up

From the left:

Robert Owens, Kirsten Uhl, Alfred Norman Reid

Heartfelt THANK YOU for getting this Foundation to where it is today

from Linda Diane Isaacs & Sandra Isaacs and Chidren of Gregory Isaacs

After some time I visited Kirsten in Germany and she introduced me to her partners in Essen Germany. We had great meetings with Visit Essen, the director Mr. Dieter Groppe and his team. Background is the first in Europe "Original Jamaican Jerk Fest © 2018", with which we, as Gregory Isaacs Foundation UK / EU Ltd.  Will be associated with in 2020.
From then on we were in constant contact and the new Gregory Isaacs Website and Facebook page have been developed by Kirsten Uhl for which I personally thank her very, very much for her endurance and massive support shown towards us in the UP.  Hence 100% to her for introducing Ahuma Bosco Orcansy “Daddy Bosco”, her friend and colleague from Ghana, who has now registered the Gregory Isaacs Foundation Ltd. In Ghana. Thank you so much for your love of Gregory Isaacs “THE COOL RULER” to have honoured him in Africa.

The Gregory Isaacs Foundation UK / EU The “Cool Ruler”: “Remember me for my Music”



The Content of our Gregory Isaacs Foundation UK/EU Ltd:

Projects that aim to fulfil the artist's ultimate desire, under the presidency of self-responsibility and self-financing:

  • ·  Events

  • ·  annual memorial event commemorating the artist

  • ·  annual festivals in different countries UK / EU and Africa

  • ·  Release of unpublished productions

  • ·  Release of "African tribute to Gregory Isaacs"

  • ·  Foundation of branches on the African continent

  • ·  Founding of music schools for children from low-income family circumstances

  • ·  Inclusion of friends from near and far

Realized goals as of today 05. August 2019:

Homepage & Facebook Page

Establishment of the first Branch in Ghana, Africa


I can say that I am very happy with how fast and efficient goals have been achieved. For that reason I would like to thank all #Team Gregory members for their great cooperation and perseverance with me.

In particular, I thank my family, my daughter Marie Jack, my Son Anthony, my grandchildren who live with me, my long and faithful friends Robert Owens, Michael Campbell, Lloyd Coxsone, Mandingo, June Swaby.

Love and respect to Sandra Marie Isaacs, Daughter of Gregory Isaacs, as it is not easy to sit between 2 chairs all this years.

My Love to all of Gregory’s Children who have all inspired me, so set up the Foundation Ltd. in UK/ EU and Africa for them, to carry on his name.

Special thanks to Kirsten Uhl and our director in Ghana, Ahuma Bosco Orcansy. Also to Patrick Matambanadzo (from Zimbabwe), who stands for Africa as Director of our record company "African Museum Record Label and Media Ltd."


Thanks for reading. For further information’s and update, stay closed to us!

I pray that everyone is keep on carry on his Name and his last Wish: Remember him for his Music! (Only)

Linda Diane Isaacs


The Gregory Isaacs Foundation is performing a Branch in Africa GHANA. Head of Directors is Ahuma Bosco, aka "Daddy Bosco". 

The Gregory Isaacs Foundation is accociating with the "Essen's Original Jamaican Jerk Fest 2020". Linda Isaacs came to Germany in February, to have a "Board Meeting with Kirsten Uhl of Synergistic Resources UG and the Director of Visit Essen, Dieter Groppe. 


from the left: June Swaby, Amelie Hoff, Dieter Groppe, Kirsten Uhl, Nina Kirschnereit, Linda Isaacs

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